Advanced Soft-Switching Techniques, Device and Circuit Applications (Volume XI)

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Table of Contents
11.1.01 : "Improved Zero-Current Transition Converters for High Power Applications"
11.1.02 : "A Novel Three-Phase Zero-Current-Transition and Quasi-Zero-Voltage-Transition (ZCT-QZVT) Inverter/Rectifier with Optimal Variable Timing Control"
11.1.03 : "A Comparative Study of a Family of Zero-Current Transition (ZCT) Schemes for Three-Phase Inverter Applications"
11.1.04 : "A Novel Zero-Switching-Loss Transition Voltage Source Inverter/Rectifier"
11.1.05 : "Novel-Zero-Current-Switching Zero-Voltage-Switching Converters"
11.1.06 : "Novel Zero-Voltage-Transition and Zero-Current-Transition Pulse-Width-Modulation Converters"
11.1.07 : "A Zero Voltage and Zero Current Switching Three-Level DC/DC Converter Using a Lossless Passive Circuit"
11.1.08 : "Zero Voltage and Zero Current Switching Full Bridge PWM Converter Using Secondary Active Clamp"
11.1.09 : "Design Procedure and Modeling of High Power, High Performance Zero-Voltage Zero-Current Switched, Full-Bridge PWM Converter"
11.1.10 : "Modeling Control and Implementation of the Quasi-Single Stage Three-Phase Zero-Voltage Zero-Current-Switched Buck Rectifier"
11.1.11 : "Fundamentals of a New Family of Auxiliary Resonant Snubber Inverters"
11.1.12 : "Design Improvement of the ZVT IGBT Soft-Switching Inverter for Induction Motor Applications"
11.1.13 : "A Novel Soft-Switching Chopper Using Auxiliary Resonant Snubbers for a MAGLEV System"
11.1.14 : "Design of a Novel ZVT Soft-Switching Chopper"
11.1.15 : "An Improved Three-Phase Auxiliary Resonant Snubber Inverter for AC Motor Drive Applications"
11.1.16 : "A Novel Load Adaptive Soft-Switching Control for Delta-Configured Resonant Snubber Inverter"
11.1.17 : "Improved Soft-Switching ZVT Converters with Active Snubber"
11.1.18 : "A Three-Phase Zero-Voltage-Transition Inverter with Inductor Feedback"
11.1.19 : "An Improved Zero-Voltage-Transition Inverter Using Coupled Inductors"
11.1.20 : "A Soft-Switched Multilevel Converter Using Coupled Inductors for High Voltage Applications"
11.1.21 : "A Novel ZVT Three-Phase Inverter with Coupled Inductors"
11.1.22 : "Zero-Voltage-Transition DC-Link Techniques for Three-Phase AC-DC-AC PWM Converters"
11.1.23 : "Evaluation of DC Link Current in Space Vector Modulated Inverters"
11.1.24 : "Bi-Directional Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter with Unified Soft-Switching Scheme, Part I: Principles of Operation"
11.1.25 : "Bi-Directional Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter with Unified Soft-Switching Scheme, Part II: Design, Implementation, and Experimental Results"
11.1.26 : "A New Soft-Switched Quasi-Single-Stage (QSS) Bi-Directional Inverter/Charger, Part I: Principles of Operation"
11.1.27 : "A New Soft-Switched Quasi-Single-Stage (QSS) Bi-Directional Inverter/Charger, Part II: Analysis and Implementation"
11.1.28 : "Design Considerations of Start-Up Process for Active-Clamp Isolated Full-Bridge Boost Converter"
11.1.29 : "A Zero Voltage and Zero Current Switching Three Level DC/DC Converter"
11.2.01 : "IEEE and International Harmonic Standards Impact on Power Electronic Equipment Design"
11.2.02 : "Characterization and Control of Three-Phase Boost Rectifiers at Light Load"
11.2.03 : "Optimum PWM Pattern for a Three-Phase Boost DCM PFC Rectifier"
11.2.04 : "Implementation of a 100 kW Three-Phase PFC Rectifier with ZCT Soft-Switching Technique"
11.2.05 : "Cascaded Three-Phase Buck PWM Rectifiers and their Soft-Switching"
11.2.06 : "Digital Control of Three-Phase Isolated ZVZCS PWM Buck Rectifier"
11.2.07 : "Charge Control of Three-Phase Buck PWM Rectifiers"
11.2.08 : "Design and Experimental Results of Quasi-Single-Stage Isolated Three-Phase ZVZCS Buck PWM Rectifier"
11.2.09 : "A Family of Quasi-Single-Stage Isolated Three-Phase ZVZCS Buck PWM Rectifiers"
11.2.10 : "A New Quasi-Single-Stage Isolated Three-Phase ZVZCS Buck PWM Rectifier"
11.2.11 : "Novel Soft-Switched Three-Phase PWM Converters with Reduced Auxiliary Switch Stresses"
11.2.12 : "Design Aspects of Paralleled Three-Phase DCM Boost Rectifiers"
11.3.01 : "Comparison of Modulation Methods for Induction Motor Electric Vehicle Drives"
11.3.02 : "Device Evaluation for 20kW Inverter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications"
11.3.03 : "Selection of Switching Frequency for Soft-Switched Inverter on EV System"
11.3.04 : "Drive Cycle Evaluation of a Soft-Switched Electric Vehicle Inverter"
11.3.05 : "A Single Switch Buck Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Generators"
11.3.06 : "Efficiency Considerations of Load Side Soft-Switching Inverters for Electric Vehicle Applications"
11.3.07 : "A New SVM Strategy and Evaluations of ZVT Three-Phase Inverter on Electric Vehicle Driving Systems"
11.3.08 : "Evaluation of a Cool MOS and IGBTs for 30kW (PNGV) Inverter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications"
11.3.09 : "A Simplified Model of a Variable Speed Synchronous Generator Loaded with Diode Rectifier"
11.3.10 : "A Novel Soft-Switching Inverter for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives"
11.3.11 : "Low-Speed Performance Comparison of Model Reference Controller Based Induction Motor Sensorless Control Methods"
11.3.12 : "Modeling, Simulation and Control of the Five Phase Brushless DC Motor Drive"
11.4.01 : "A Unified View of MOS-Gated Thyristors"
11.4.02 : "Comparing SiC Switching Power Devices: MOSFET, NPN Transistor and GTO Thyristor"
11.4.03 : "Analysis of High Voltage Trench Bipolar Junction Diode (TBJD)"
11.4.04 : "A New MOS Gated Thyristor - The Single-Gate Emitter Controlled Thyristor (SECT)"
11.4.05 : "Theoretical Limitation of the RBSOA of the MOS-Controlled Thyristors"
11.4.06 : "Lateral insulated gate p-i-n transistor (LIGPT)-a new MOS gate lateral power device"
11.4.07 : "Insulated Gate P-I-N Transistor-a new MOS controlled switching power device"
11.4.08 : "MOS Controlled Diodes - A New Power Diode"
11.4.09 : "Experimental Demonstration of the MOS Controlled Diode (MCD)"
11.4.10 : "Analysis of the Inductive Turn-off of Double Gate MOS Controlled Thyristors"
11.4.11 : "Analysis of 4500V Double Trench Gate MOS Controlled Thyristor"
11.4.12 : "Analysis of Trench Double Gate Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor"
11.4.13 : "Numerical Study of Dual MOS Gate Thyristors"
11.4.14 : "Buried Oxide Emitter Controlled Thyristor - A New MOS-Gated Thyristor with Excellent High-Voltage Current Saturation Capability"
11.4.15 : "Dual Gate Emitter Controlled Thyristor"
11.4.16 : "Introducing the Emitter Turn-off Thyristor"
11.4.17 : "Comparison of the state-of-the-art high power IGBTs, GCTs and ETOs"
11.4.18 : "The Emitter Turn-off Thyristor (ETO) based high voltage, high frequency converter system"
11.4.19 : "Analysis of the Snubberless Operation of the Emitter Turn-Off Thyristor (ETO)"
11.4.20 : "MTO Thyristor: An efficient replacement of the GTO"
11.4.21 : "A physics-based PIN diode model for circuit applications"
11.4.22 : "Feasibility of a 1-kW, 100-kHz, monolithically integrated power electronics module"
11.4.23 : "Novel High Voltage SOI Structures"