2011 CPES Annual Conference

April 3-5, 2011

CPES Annual Conference provides the forum for the Center to showcase its research performed over the past year, and share the research results with CPES industry members and the power electronics community at large.  The 2011 Conference attracted 140 external participants from 11 countries, representing 63 industry and government organizations and 4 academic institutions.  With 73 CPES university participants from VT, RPI, NCAT and UPRM, conference attendance hit record attendance of 213.

In addition, the inaugural mini-consortium reviews on April 6 following the conference drew 73 external participants from 43 companies and 2 universities.

This year's conference program included CPES mini-consortium program overviews presented by CPES faculty, 3 invited talks, and 73 technical papers presented in 5 Technical Sessions and 5 Dialogue/Poster Sessions.  In all, 17 papers were presented in the technical sessions, with 56 papers in the poster sessions.  Altogether, 95 posters were displayed on LCDs over lab benches in the CPES Labs, covering all the research discussed in the technical papers, as well as additional research not yet published in technical papers.  The Lab Dialogue Session offers the best opportunity for in-depth discussions with the Center's researchers.

On Sunday afternoon, the Industry-Student Forum was held as a dedicated event to foster interactions between students and industry participants.  CPES members were invited to set up company displays to showcase their products and stimulate students' interest.  The drinks, hors d' oeuvres, and music provided by CPES member Crown International provided a relaxing atmosphere for industry-student connection.

The 2-1/2 day conference activities were captured on camera by CPES student photographers, Haoran Wu and Yipeng Su.  These conference pictures are available online. 

On Sunday evening, CPES IAB (Industry Advisory Board) held its annual meeting, with the participation with CPES SAB (Scientific Advisory Board), CPES faculty, and interested industry member representatives.  CPES Director, Fred C. Lee, gave a Center Overview to provide an update on the Center's membership status and ongoing research initiatives.  CPES IAB Chair, Richard Zhang (GE) and Co-Chair, Milan Jovanovic (Delta) led an interesting discussion on how CPES might enhance benefits for industry members.    

We are pleased to share these conference materials with our industry members via password access.