CPES WBG-HPCS (WBG High-Power Converters & Systems, formerly REN)

The CPES mini-consortium program provides a unique forum for creating synergy among industries and defining new research directions to meet future industry needs.  The formation of the mini-consortium allows CPES to pool resources and focus on developing pre-competitive technologies to address common challenges, and sharing the research results among mini-consortium members. 

Current WBG-HPCS members (6)
ABB, Delta Electronics, GE Power Conversion, 
Huawei Technologies, Keysight Technologies, Rockwell Automation

REN Prospectus (March 2013)

For REN members:
REN Report for 2011 (PDF, 13MB)
REN Report for 2012 (PDF, 18MB)

The main objective of the REN mini-consortium is to expand CPES’ expertise in autonomous electric power systems (already established for transportation and IT), into the area of renewable energy and storage systems integration in the electric grid through power electronic converters, while providing competitive research and education in that area.

The current research directions of the REN mini-consortium comprise three different topics listed below with corresponding sub-topics.

Additionally, a REN system testbed structure is planned to be designed and built in the near future for the experimental/validation purposes.

Work Scope:

  • DC- and AC- Nanogrid Operation and Performance
  • Modular Multi-level Converters for Nanogrids
  • Power Electronics Applications for Enhanced T&D Grid Performance and Resource Integration