Congratulating CPES graduate - Di Xu

Di Xu completed his M. Eng. program in December 2012.  His defense presentation, "Optimal Constant-Flux Inductor Design for the 5 kW Boost Converters," is available to CPES members via password access.

Di received his B.S. degree in Physics from Nankai University, Tianjin, China, in 2007, his M.S. degree in Physics from Ohio University in 2010, and his M.Eng. degree in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech in 2012.

He joined the Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES) in 2011 and focused his research on magnetic components design and magnetic materials characterization. Upon graduation, Di has joined Google Inc. in Mountain View, California, as a hardware engineer.

Other than power electronics, he likes to watch movies, play video games, and go hiking.

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