CPES Receives US Patent: Quasi-Parallel Voltage Regulator

Quasi-Parallel Voltage Regulator
by Ming Xu, Julu Sun, Ya Liu, Fred C. Lee
U.S. Patent: 7,872,886 
Issued: January 18, 2011

Patent Abstract:  Improved regulation and transient response are provided by a power supply architecture providing both unregulated and regulated voltage converters in parallel but deriving input power from separate power supplies connected in series wherein regulated and unregulated branches each provide a substantially fixed and constant proportion of the output current. The series connection of input power sources may provide a further feedback mechanism in addition to feedback for regulation which enhances overall performance. As a perfecting feature of the invention, inductor-less resonant converters which are switched in an interleaved fashion may be used in the unregulated branch while substantially cancelling the characteristic large output voltage ripple thereof.

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