T. Paul Chow

Position: Professor (ECSE); Campus Director
Office: CII 6015 6th Floor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Email: chowt@rpi.edu | Phone:(518) 276-2910

T. Paul Chow was born in China in 1953. He received the B.A. degree in mathematics and physics (summa cum laude) from Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD in 1975, the M.S. in materials science from Columbia University, New York, NY in 1977 and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from RPI in 1982.

From 1977 to 1989, Dr. Chow was with GE Corporate Research and Development (now GE Global Research Center) in Niskayuna, NY. He first worked on the chemical vapor deposition of antimony doped tin oxide films for transparent electrode applications. Then, he studied thin film processes of refractory metal silicides and their applications as gates and interconnects for VLSI silicon MOS integrated circuits. In 1982, he started his research work on high voltage power semiconductor devices and ICs, exploring and optimizing several power devices (such as planar or trench IGBT and MCT) and developing a high-voltage control IC.

Since 1989, he has been with the Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering Department of RPI, where he holds the rank of Professor. His present research interests are in developing new device concepts, integrated processes and circuit models for smart power devices and integrated circuits of silicon and wide bandgap semiconductors. Since the formation of CPES, he has been the thrust leader in power devices and Campus Director at RPI. He has demonstrated numerous novel power device structures in silicon, SiC and GaN. Also, he has developed models of silicon IGBT and low-voltage lateral trench MOSFET, SiC Schottky rectifiers, BJT, JFET and MOSFET for power circuit simulations.

Dr. Chow has published over 100 papers in refereed scientific journals, presented over 200 conference talks, contributed seven chapters in technical reference books and has 15 patents issued. He offered several distance-learning power semiconductor device courses to industry and organized several short courses in ISPSD conferences.

Dr. Chow is a Fellow of the IEEE. He has won the Young Author Award of the Electrochemical Society in 1982. He has won the Dushman Award and two management awards for his technical contributions while he was at GE. He received the Horizon Award from Augustana College in 1986. Two of his doctoral students have won the Best Student Paper Awards in international technical conferences (ISPSD in 1995 and EMC in 2000). He has also won the Research Award from the School of Engineering at RPI in 2003.