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Dr. Rolando Burgos and Dr. Dong Dong have received a new award!

Jan 06, 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Rolando Burgos and Dr. Dong Dong for their newest significant award!

Project Title: Low-Cost Rate-Earth-Free Electric Drivetrain Enabled by Novel Permanent Magnets, Inverter, Integrated Design and Advanced Thermal Management
Project Overview
To achieve significant EV market penetration, e.g.,10 percent by 2025 and 35 percent by 2040, electric propulsion drive systemcost and size will need to be reduced even further in addition to continued reduction in energy storage costs. This will in turn allow for easier integration of electric traction drive systems and favorable economics, resulting in a greater number of both passenger and light truck EVs.Using GMcommercial BoltTMlight-weight EV IGBT based traction drive system as the benchmark and demonstration platform, this project seeksto demonstrate a liquid-cooled, 200 kW, three-phase,highly integrated, full SiC high-speed electric propulsion drive, with 800 V operating dc-voltage, and minimum of 20 kHz switching-frequency. The proposed solution will adopt the heavy-dutybus-bar embedded printed-circuit board (PCB) with integrated digital gate-driver, embeddedcurrent sensing,andPCB EMI filters solution to significantly reduce the OEM component count, which simplifiesthe mechanical structure and assembly process, as well as leverage low-cost electronics components. The power density target is 60kW/L, almost twice the number 2025 U.S. Department of Energy target, and peak power efficiency target is >98%.The cost savings are driven by overall mechanical and integration platform cost reduction thanks to high power density, Hydraulic system and heat-exchanger reduction due to high efficiency, more automated assembly and component saving by highly-integrated multi-functional heavy copper PCB bussolution.