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Three-Phase Interleaved Bi-Directional CLLC Resonant Converter
Invention Disclosure: Hao Xue, Bin Li, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
Switched-Capacitor Converters with Multi Resonant Frequencies
Invention Disclosure: Owen Jong, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
Current Mode Control DC-DC Converter with Single Step Load Transient Response
Patent: Virginia Li, Pei-Hsin Liu, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
Critical-Mode-Based Soft-Switching Techniques for Three-Phase Bi-Directional AC/DC Converters
Patent: Zhengrong Huang, Zhengyang Liu, Fred C. Lee, Qiang Li, Furong Xiao
Optimal Battery Current Waveform for Bidirectional PHEV Battery Charger
Patent: Lingxiao Xue, Paolo Mattavelli, Dushan Boroyevich
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