CPES Patent: Electromagnetic Interference Noise Separator

CPES Single-Phase Noise Separator
CPES has received a new patent on:

Electromagnetic Interference Noise Separator
by Shuo Wang, Fred C. Lee
U.S. Patent: 8,125,291
Issued:  February 28, 2012

Patent Abstract:
Improved performance of a noise separator circuit capable of separating common mode (CM) and differential mode (DM) components of electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise are provided by arrangement of terminating impedances such that the circuit is fully symmetric with respect to a pair of input ports. The noise sseparator circuit is further improved by perfecting features for canceling effects of parasitic inductances and capacitances, parasitic capacitance and inductance between circuit connections such as printed circuit board traces, minimizing leakage inductance effects of pairs of coupled inductors and mutual inductance effects between pairs of coupled inductors, providing sufficient magnetizing inductance for low frequency response, and preventing saturation of inductors using switched attenuators, providing a plurality of ground planes, choices of terminating resistors and circuit layout.

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