CPES Mini-Consortium Program

The CPES mini-consortium program provides a unique forum for creating synergy among industries and defining new research directions to meet future industry needs. The formation of the mini-consortium allows CPES to pool resources and focus on developing pre-competitive technologies to address common challenges, and sharing the research results among mini-consortium members.

Mini-consortium members are enrolled in CPES as Principal Plus Members, with annual contribution of $50,000.  They gain tangible benefits via research collaboration with CPES as a member of one of the mini-consortia on focused research:

  • PMC (Power Management Consortium)
  • HDI (High Density Integration)
  • WBG (WBG-HPCS, WBG High-Power Converters & Systems, formerly REN)

Companies interested in more than one focused research areas may join another mini-consortium for an additional annual contribution of $50,000 each. 

The 3 mini-consortia hold separate research reviews.  Members of each mini-consortium are invited to participate in these reviews in person and via WebEx.  Review presentations and recordings are available online for participating members via password.

Mini-consortium members gain the competitive advantage as they have:

  • privileged access to research results developed under their selected mini-consortium
  • opportunities to guide CPES research direction
  • early-stage knowledge of developing technologies prior to becoming IPs
  • engagement with CPES researchers via technical reviews and updates
  • a designated CPES student to serve as technical contact and window to the Center
  • the chance to become familiarized with graduating students for possible future employment

View CPES Mini-Consortium Program brochure (PDF)